Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Credits to my wonderful designers

Many of you were curious about my last post and I wanted to credit the two incredible designers that worked on them.

Garage - Seo Kim

I first met Seo when she was an intern at Chuck Gammage's studio. She was helping out Graham Falk on one of Chucks Promo's called "Fatass Cat." I remember being in awe of her work so I knew we had to get her back. She is an incredible artist and I don't mind saying that because she has absolutely no ego about it.
Check out her Blog.

The Wrong Block - Firas Momani

I met Firas Momani back in 2006. Chuck Gammage had brought him and Pasquale Lamontagna to the studio after Sherdian's Career day. These were the two "prospects" in Chuck's eyes. After seeing the work they produced, I understood why he brought them in. Firas was always floating around doing all sorts of amazing projects. Live Action, Stop-mo, traditional and he was always incredibly cerebral with whatever medium he was working with that given day. I knew I wanted him to redesign the Old Detective in a promo I was working on.


Skim said...

You're too nice Sam!!

Firas Momani said...

Thanks for the credit, Samuelle.

BTW The Zombie Tree link you have is broken. You're welcome ;)