Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Style5.TV - The Rumble Reel

This is the Rumble Reel, because Style5.TV always loves a good fight.

Caution: This contains animated violence, fighting and 'splosions.
This is not for your mother.

No animated characters were hurt in the making of this film. (except for a rat, but that's okay because it was a bad rat, but anyhoo he's okay now)

Monday, October 03, 2011

Style5.TV got a long-overdue makeover!

Check it out!!

Hello all and welcome to our new site!!!

Thanks for being patient with us throughout this construction phase. The make-over was long overdue and we are so happy to be mobile-phone friendly! (although we do miss the animated Flash elements….sigh)
It’s not just a new website, but also a brand new chapter for! After a couple of months of looking, has found a home in Liberty Village, Toronto!

If you are in the neighborhood, feel free to drop in and say hi!

In the meantime, check our our reel!!