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Maybe is an animated short film by Sam Chou, co-produced by Style5 Animation and Chuck Gammage Animation.
The film is narrated by Makayla MacLeod.

In Maybe, a young perspective in a changing world asks the question: Why are we so scared? This 2-minute animated short follows the relationship between our decisions that we make everyday and the impact they have on our world. This piece was produced to show young people that their actions are important and that they shouldn't be afraid.

In the words of the writer-director, "all of our efforts accumulate to something in the end. Even though we may not see it, everything we do amounts to something and we are all connected." This film touches upon a familiar issue that has greatly become a common theme in our daily lives.

Festival Appearances and Recognition

Sydney International Film Festival, Sydney, Australia

Anima Mundi Film Festival, Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Animation Block Party, Brooklyn, NY

Peace on Earth Film Festival, Chicago, Illinois

Hiroshima Animation Festival, Hiroshima, Japan

(UPDATE***More festivals added )

Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Chicago, Illinois

Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival, Nevada City, California

Producer: Sam Chou, Style5 Animation, Chuck Gammage Animation
Writer and Director: Sam Chou
Music: "One Minute" The Album Leaf
Narrator: Makayla MacLeod
Art Direction/Design: Raymond Xu, Clive Powsley
Animation: Sam Chou, Chris Land, Seamus O'Keeffe, Perry Osuna, Tapan Gandhi
Production Support: Suzy Bradshaw
Special Thanks To: Mom and Dad, Jaime, Chuck Gammage, David Cowdery

Official site Here.


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Dude! I want to see how this turned out! The stills look great. Good job man.

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