Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Pink Panther - Owens Corning
Rice Krispies - Split Stix (Rare Japanese Version)

Here are two spots I directed this year at Chucks. They were alot of fun to work on. Though the schedules were tight, the process couldn't be smoother thanks to a great crew.
Animators: Shaun Chacko, Trevor Dean Freeman ,Charlie Bonafacio, Blair Kitchen, Chris Land, Justin Lee, and me.
(quicktime links above)


craig said...

suh-weeet! Pretty kisk ass animation on the chinatown piece. Very nice

UrbanBarbarian said...

That was awesome!!!!!! Great, great job! I'm hungry and I wanna kick ass at the same time!!!

justin said...

Hey man,

Thanks for dropping by and giving me a mention too. Those spots look great. You are the man!! Almost done with 'PH'.

Jampix said...

Awesome stuff dude!

hobo divine said...

Wicked animation.

I always new the Pink Panther was a home wrecker!

Hey Samo!
If you are still interested in a copy of Magic Super Blast come over to my Blog for more info and I'll hook you up!

(pronounced PACE, NYC style)

J said...

Nice Sam. That IS a great crew.

Kelsey said...

HOLY SMOKES! You're awesome!

That has to be the best Rice Crispies ad I've ever seen.

No kidding. :)

DaLe said...

great work man, quite a change from pizza hut

Blair Kitchen said...

hey slacker. Post something new, ya bum!

j.mcarthur said...

hey Sam great looking blog and your art is killer you remember me I remember you


Letz said...

hey good stuffs :)

Sam Chou said...

Thanks everyone! These spots we just a real pleasure to work on....

I REMEMBER YOU! You stole my lunch money, right?? Then turned the whole school against me in some elaborate scheme invovling a ferret and peanut butter!
Hows Everything? You dissapeared after 1st year, where'd you go?

Anonymous said...
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